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Let Me Be the One by Bella Andre

The Sullivan Series, Book 6

Ryan has been busting on his brothers for falling in love but he has been in love with Victoria Bennett for 15 years. One night she calls him for help and runs to her.  He did not know she was back in San Francisco. Vicky was out to dinner with an older man and he was making advances her. Ryan sweeps in and rescues her. The man is in charge of a fellowship that she needs to get to further her sculpting.
Ryan finds out that she is living in a run down hotel and he takes her home with him. He has missed his best friend. Vicki's dad was in the military and they moved away a year after they lived in the Bay area. They stayed in touch but Vicki had married an older sculptor right after college. They are recently divorced. Maybe it's their time, Ryan hopes.
Vicki hopes for it too but doesn't want to ruin their friendship. She needs this fellowship. Ryan is a pro baseball player and he tells the press that they are engaged. He hopes it will protect Vicki but he really wants her.
Can they be a real couple?

I loved this story.

In LET ME BE THE ONE, the brand-new book in Bella Andre’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling series about the Sullivan family, an unexpected friends-to-lovers romance might not only turn out to be so much hotter than anything bad boy pro baseball player Ryan Sullivan has ever known…but much, much sweeter, too.

When Vicki Bennett saved Ryan Sullivan’s life as a teenager, it was the beginning of a close friendship that never wavered despite her failed marriage to someone else and Ryan’s well-earned reputation as a ladies man. So when she suddenly needs a pretend boyfriend to protect herself and her career from a powerful man’s advances, he is the only person she can imagine asking.

Ryan will do anything to protect Vicki from harm, but when their “fake” kisses and caresses lead to an incredibly sensual night that neither of them can resist, will he have made the biggest mistake of all by irreparably jeopardizing their friendship? Or is it possible that what they’ve both been looking for has been right there the whole time…and the perfect combination of wicked and sweet, friendship and love, is finally within reach?

Kindle Edition227 pages
Published August 28th 2012 by Oak Press

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Castaway Cove by JoAnn Ross

Shelter Bay # 6
Annie was relatively new to Shelter Bay. She moved there from Washington D.C. after her marriage broke up.  Mac was in the Air Force working as a D.J. and got blown up and discharged. He went home to find that his wife wanted a divorce and left their 5 year old daughter Emma with and left. So he moved home with his dad to Shelter Bay.

He was the midnight to four D.J. at KBAY. One night a woman named Sandy called in. Mac was intrigued by her. A few days later he ran into Annie at his grandfather's room at the memory care facility. He had seen her a few days before and was not very nice. His grandfather Charlie wants him to date Annie. Annie also gets to him. It took him a little bit and realizes that Sandy and Annie are the same woman.  They seem to keep bumping into each other and he convinces her to date him.
Is this the relationship for a happily forever after?

From the author:
They’ve never met. But they’re destined for each other…

Single dad Mac Culhane has traveled to some of the world’s most dangerous war zones, but now he and his young daughter have settled in Shelter Bay, where he’s become the late-night DJ for the local radio station. The last thing he expects is to connect over the airwaves with a caller. . .

After a painful divorce, Annie Shepherd opened up a scrapbook store in town and started volunteering with local senior citizens. Although she loves her work, dreams of the family she longs for keep her up late, listening to Mac Culhane’s voice on the radio.

When Mac and Annie finally meet in person, the attraction between them is instantaneous. But Annie isn’t ready to lay her heart on the line, and neither is Mac. Fortunately, no one in Shelter Bay is about to let a perfect match escape the magic of true love
. . .

"You realize we’ve probably just landed ourselves on the front page of the Shelter Bay Sentinel,” Annie said as they drove away from the farmhouse restaurant, back toward town. 

“You’re overestimating our importance,” Mac said.  “We’ll probably land somewhere between the notice of the Taste of Shelter Bay festival and the police report.

"Which last week consisted of a call about a suspicious car stopping at mailboxes, which turned out to be the mail carrier," she said.  "Another mailbox was vandalized when someone painted a yellow smiley face on it and a domestic disturbance reported by a neighbor next door to a home where the couple who lived there turned out to be engaging in 'vigorous sexual role play.'"

"Don't forget the pool of blood on the pier," he said.

"Which turned out to be spilled Pinot Noir."  She'd laughed when she'd read that one.  "So, the top crime on the Shelter Bay police report hit parade was two cars stopping on a Forest Service road outside of town, some teenage boys getting out, having a fist fight, then getting back into their cars and driving away.”

“The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club.  And you don’t sound all that upset.”

Annie shrugged. “It was a little unsettling, since I'm not used to being in the spotlight.  But everyone was already speculating about us.  At least we’ve livened things up until the next excitement.”

“Someone’s bound to get drunk on the Fourth and do something stupid,” Mac said encouragingly. “That should take the heat off us.”

“I’m not sure.  Especially since the Mayor made that proclamation declaring Shelter Bay the ‘Romance Capital of the Oregon Coast’ and decided to add a matchmaking day as part of the Fourth of July weekend festival.”

“That’s a plus. There'll be lots of other couples to focus on so we won’t be stuck in the bull’s- eye.” 

Annie only wished they’d be so lucky, but doubted they would, especially once they showed up with Emma and Mac’s father.  Wouldn’t that get speculative tongues wagging?

“Though Sedona and her date didn’t exactly look as if they’re going to be part of those festivities,” he said as he turned onto Harborview, which ran along the bay.  Most of the commercial boats were out to sea, though more sailboats were skimming across the water, sails raised to catch the wind.   

“He’s some rich tech guy who was interviewing her for a start-up he’s doing,” she explained.  “A matrix match-up service that supposedly fixes you up with your perfect partner.  Like that’s going to work."

“You never know."  He opened the sunroof, then rolled down both front windows enough to let the fresh air in.  "Look at us.”

“We didn’t meet online.

“No.  But the situation was much the same.  We probably talked more honestly because wedidn’t know each other than if we had, at least that first night you called in.”

And wasn’t that what she’d been thinking herself?

“We did skip past all that early getting to know you stuff,” she said.  “Like favorite foods, music, top three fave movies —”

“That’s an easy one.  The Godfather Platoon.  And Die Hard.  Oh, and I’m adding a fourth.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

“Ah, the usual guns, guts, and glory.”  She wasn’t the least bit surprised.

“I am a guy.  We like that stuff.”  The hot-guy look he shot her spurred a bone melting desire that had her rethinking her moratorium on men.   “Your turn.”

“It’s hard to pick just three.  Or even four.  But I tend to lean more toward the classics. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  When Harry Met Sally.  Dirty Dancing.”

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” he said, quoting the famous line from her third choice. 

“You’ve seen it?”  Unlike his other choices, it didn't have a single weapon in it.

“Since women usually end up choosing the video for movie nights, once you reach a certain age, odds are you’ve seen that one.” He made the right turn toward the iron drawbridge leading out of town.  “Swayze was always pretty much a guy’s guy, even when he was dancing, which made watching it not that much of a sacrifice.”

Annie was thinking that she wouldn’t mind if Midnight Mac put her in a corner.  Up against the wall, with her skirt hitched up, and her legs wrapped around his waist. . .

And she was totally losing her mind.

Read another excerpt here.

Pages: 380
Published: 2013

If You Were Mine by Bella Andre

The Sullivan Series, Book 5

Summer leaves her new puppy with Uncle Zach for two weeks while they are on vacation. Zach is being driven crazy by Cuddles. A customer sends over a dog trainer. Zach is stunned by Heather. She is beautiful and wants nothing to do with him. Another bonus is that she doesn't know who he is and and how much money he has. But he needs to get her to go out with him.
Heather doesn't want love. When she was 17, she found out something that changed her life towards love and the wanting of it. Zach is the most gorgeous guy she's ever seen. She will agree to sex only but what will happen when she falls for him?

I loved this story. I love it when the guy falls first and has to work for the girl. 

Can two people who have both sworn off love find forever in each other’s arms?

The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to take care of his brother’s new puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can’t stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.
Heather Linsey can’t believe she’s stuck working with one of the city’s top dogs, auto-shop tycoon Zach Sullivan. Especially when his focus is clear from the start—not only to learn how to deal with his temporary puppy…but also to make Heather his. Having sworn off love at seventeen when she realized it was nothing more than a pack of lies, she has stuck to her vow never to fall for a charming man.

But as Heather’s determination to push Zach away only fuels his determination to get closer—and the sensual and emotional connection between them grows more and more undeniable—will the biggest Sullivan bad boy of all tempt her into believing in love again?

There were half a dozen girls in bikinis waiting in Zach’s garage, but the woman laughing with his dog in her arms, wearing a sweaty, long-sleeved T-shirt and muddy shorts, with a messy braid trailing down her back, put them all to shame.

He couldn’t think of a time he’d ever seen eyes that color, brown with so many flecks of gold that he couldn’t look away. And, Jesus, that mouth of hers, rosy and full, made a man want to do crazy things…like grab the puppy and kiss it all over its drooly, disgusting little face for bringing Heather here today.

He’d been pissed off at Gabe and Summer for dumping the dog on him for two weeks. Now he realized he should thank them, instead.

Unlike most women, however, he could tell Heather wanted nothing to do with him. Fortunately, her dog didn’t seem to have any of the same qualms, especially when he sniffed the glazed sugar on Zach’s fingers from the donut he’d been eating for breakfast.

“Hey, mutt,” Zach said, thinking fast, “I left the rest of my donut on the counter inside. You want it?”

The huge dog’s ears twitched as if he understood, but he didn’t move. Instead, he looked up at Heather for approval.

Clearly, she was gearing up to refuse. But, man, that huge dog could play up the puppy dog eyes when he wanted to. Zach was impressed. He’d have to remember how to do that in the future.
Her dog let out a low whine and Heather finally sighed and said, “Okay, fine. Go.” As she let go of his leash and the enormous dog loped off toward the garage, she followed him, still carrying Cuddles.

“I get that you weren’t prepared for a puppy, but I can’t leave her with you if you’re going to put her in a crate all day. She needs to understand how to stay with you so she doesn’t get hurt by something in the garage. You’re going to need to work on training her to understand your commands. And you’re going to have to do it without yelling at her.” She shot him a hard look. “Ever again.”

He would agree with whatever Heather said just as long as she stayed long enough for him to convince her to give him a chance. He couldn’t remember ever wanting a woman this bad, this fast.
“Hey Chase,” he told his brother, “I’ve got to call off the shoot.”

The models looked at his brother in confusion and Chase told them to take five before saying, “Chloe is going to have the baby any day now, and then I’m out of commission for a while. You sure you want to reschedule?”

Despite her ongoing protests that she was fine, Zach was already kneeling in front of Heather and gently wiping at the open skin on her knee with an antiseptic wipe from a nearby First Aid kit.
“I’ve got to clear my schedule for puppy training.”

“Seriously?” Heather blinked at him like he was driving on three wheels. “That’s why you’re sending everyone home? Isn’t your boss going to be mad?”

Kindle Edition192 pages
Published May 9th 2012 by Oak Press, LLC

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Just One Night by Kyra Davis

Kasie is bored with her life but she doesn't realize it until she and her best friend go to Las Vegas. Simone tells Kasie to sleep with a stranger and that is what she does. She feels like a desired woman for the first time. It changes her. His name is Mr. Dade. He rocks her world.

She asks her boyfriend for some exciting sex but he is appalled and leaves. But he is insisting on buying her an engagement ring but he never asked her to marry him. She wants a ruby but Dave insists on a diamond. He just doesn't listen to her. He treats her like an object and not someone he cherishes.

Mr. Dade finds her and arranges for her to be a consultant for his company to work on an IPO. He tempts her and she has sex with him. Dave is looking less attractive to her. They cannot stay away from each other. Is it love? Or the same thing in a different package?

I loved this story although there for awhile I wanted to smack Kasie and asked her what she was doing. But Simone kind of did it!

From the author:
“You should sleep with a stranger . . .” 

Her best friend whispered in her ear. 

Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. Responsible. Reliable. Predictable. She’s an ambitious workaholic who is devoted to the sensible man she plans to marry. But one wild, impulsive night in Vegas is about to open her eyes. . . . 

Trying her luck at a blackjack table, Kasie meets him. Intense. Flirtatious. Dangerous. She accepts his invitation for a drink . . . and then to his hotel room. She doesn’t know his name. But she’ll never forget the sex. Hard. Thrilling. Explosive. 

So when her mystery man shows up at her office unexpectedly, she succumbs to his mastery, both in bed and in the boardroom. There’s no telling where the powerful, wealthy Robert Dade will lead her. But there’s also no resisting her desire. The only question is who she’ll be when the journey ends. 


THE RED HERVE LEGER bandage dress I’m wearing is not mine. It belongs to my friend Simone. Yesterday I would have laughed off the very suggestion that I wear anything this overtly provocative. Tomorrow I’ll dismiss the idea out of hand. But tonight? Tonight is a night of exceptions.

I stand in the middle of the hotel room Simone and I are sharing at the Venetian and tug at the hem. Can I even sit down in this dress?

“You look so sexy,” she coos as she slips up behind me and pulls my black, wavy hair behind my shoulders. The move feels a little too intimate and I feel a little too exposed.

I step away from her and twist myself into a pretzel as I try to see the back of the dress in the mirror. “Am I really going out in this?”
I pull down on the hem again. I’m used to wearing suits. Not the kinds of suits women wear in the movies, but the kinds of suits women wear in real life when they work at a global consulting firm. The kinds of suits that make you almost forget you’re a woman, let alone a sexual being. But this dress sings a melody I haven’t sung before.

“I won’t be able to eat so much as a carrot stick while wearing this,” I complain as I stare down at the neckline. I’m not wearing a bra. The only thing I was able to fit under the dress was a delicate little thong. But the dress is designed to prop everything up . . . which I have mixed feelings about. What surprises me is that my feelings are mixed. I’m slightly embarrassed; that’s to be expected. I also feel a little sinful just putting on this thing and yet . . . Simone’s right, I look hot.

I’ve never thought of myself in those terms. No one does. When people hear the name Kasie Fitzgerald, they think responsible, reliable, steady.

Steady, steady Kasie. 

Read more here.

ebook400 pages
Published December 31st 2013 by Gallery Books

Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton

Play by Play #7
Carolina is starting her own design business. She wants to do a men's line so she asked her brother Gray, a race car driver if he would model some clothes in her show in February. Of course he will and he asks his best friend Drew, a pro hockey player to help. Carolina always had a thing for Drew. When they were in college she got drunk and asked him to have sex with her.  It was her first time. Drew blew her off after that. (You do find out why.)
Carolina still has feelings for him. She doesn't want Drew in her show but she will be nice and hopes he will say no. But this is his chance. They are all grown up now. They do what two people sometimes do together - a lot. But they have not defined what they are doing. She asks him to come home with her for Christmas when she finds out that his parents are going on a cruise. Her brother finds her in Drew's bed on Christmas morning. Oh no. Will this get them to admit they are in a relationship or are they still just having sex?

I loved this book. I liked Carolina's determination to get her line done no matter what.

From the author:
Everything’s coming together for budding fashion designer Carolina Preston. Only months away from having her own line, she could use some publicity. That’s when her brother suggests his best friend as a model—hockey player Drew Hogan.

Carolina and Drew already have a history—a hot one, back in college. Unforgettable for Carolina, but for Drew, just another slap shot. This time, though, it’s different. His perfect body would be for professional use only. This time, she could use him.

Drew is all for it. He’s looking forward to the exposure. Plus, it would give him a chance to prove to Carolina that he’s changed. If only he could thaw her emotions, convince her to let down her guard and let him in just one more time…


Chapter One

Carolina Preston’s pencil glided over the paper like an Olympic figure skater performing an arabesque. Light, easy strokes, the effort behind the task not showing as she created her art, because it was all in her head. But soon, elegant lines appeared, shapes forming on the blank canvas as what she’d visualized became a flowing, sleeveless silk top, followed by a sequined mini. She added a cropped leather jacket to mix hard with soft, sketched in some killer high heels to complete the look, then paused to peruse the finished product, so out of breath her heart pounded.
Nice. Not perfect yet, but as she took a sip of chai tea, she cocked her head to the side and made a few adjustments to the sketch, exhilarated to create her own line of clothing.
It had taken several years of working for someone else, of feeling like a prisoner, unable to stretch her wings. But finally, this fashion season—she was going to fly.
As she worked on her next design, the figure morphed into a man. Tall, lean, his hands slid into his pockets as he modeled a pair of slacks and a body-hugging shirt. No jacket necessary as the clothes would speak for the body.
She loved menswear, and it would be part of her signature line. She could already picture it on the runway, worn by some chiseled model with raven-dark hair, steely gray eyes and—
No. She wasn’t going to go there. She stood, stretched her back, and looked out the window of her Manhattan apartment. For November, it was ridiculously warm. She should take a walk before the weather changed.
Her cell rang and she smiled as her brother’s name came up.
“Hi, Gray.”
“Hey, we’re in town. Are you busy?”
“Extremely. I’m so glad you called. Come on over. I’d love to see you and Evelyn.”
She spent the next hour picking up the disaster in her apartment. She had drawings strewn around her work space, so she picked up as much as she could in there, then closed the door and concentrated on the living area. When the buzzer sounded, she let them in.
She threw her arms around her brother and squeezed him tight.
“You look great,” she said to him, then hugged Gray’s fiancée, Evelyn.
“Have you two been celebrating Gray’s win in the championship?”
Her brother didn’t even try to fight his grin. “Overly celebrating, I think.”
“It was a big turnaround from how he ended up last year,” Evelyn said as they took a seat in Carolina’s living room. “I couldn’t be more proud of him.”
“She’s just happy I didn’t crash into a wall.”
“Or go flying through the air, like last year.”
Carolina nodded. “Yes. I think you took at least five years off my life on that crash last year.”
“No injuries this year. We raced clean and won a lot, including the championship. Even better, bringing Alex on the team this year was the best move I could have made. He and Donny both ended up in the top twelve. I couldn’t ask for more.”
The pride in his voice was evident. Her brother had made a success out of Preston Racing.
“You’re doing so well,” Carolina said. “You must be thrilled.”
“I never thought it would turn out like this. When I started out, I just wanted to race.”
“I don’t know about that. You’ve always had ambition. And now you have Evelyn at your side, and she’s as ambitious as you. Maybe even more.”
Evelyn laughed. “That’s so true.”

Read more here.

ebook255 pages
Published February 4th 2014 by Berkley

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Kung Hei Fat Choy!

March Challenge from ♥♥ Serious About Series ♥♥ on goodreads

Kung Hei Fat Choy! link

Welcome to the Year of the Sheep. In recognition of Chinese New Year (celebrated in February) we're doing a challenge based on the Chinese Zodiac. I'm simplifying this a great deal, so I hope no one is offended! A Zodiac sign is assigned to you in Chinese Astrology according to the year of your birth. There are 12 signs which rotate in a cycle. This month we're asking you to pick books with a hero or heroine who matches the personality strengths associated with the signs. Pick as few as 2, or as many as 12 different signs...and as many books as you like for each choice. Here they are:
 photo ChineseZodiacRat_zpsjirn0iai.jpg RatCharacteristics: Intelligent, adaptable, quick-witted, charming, artistic, sociable.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a pink cover.

 photo ChineseZodiacOx_zpscxr5tofq.jpgOxCharacteristics: Loyal, reliable, thorough, strong, reasonable, steady, determined
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics, or a book with a brown cover.
 photo ChineseZodiacTiger_zpsvroa7jc7.jpgTigerCharacteristics: Enthusiastic, courageous, ambitious, leadership, confidence, charismatic.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with an orange cover. 

 photo ChineseZodiacRabbit_zpstt7ogcug.jpgRabbitCharacteristics: Trustworthy, empathic, modest, diplomatic, sincere, sociable, caretakers. 
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or aa book with a brown cover.

 photo ChineseZodiacDragon_zpsrthe40k6.jpgDragon Characteristics: Lucky, flexible, eccentric, imaginative, artistic, spiritual, charismatic.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a green cover. 

 photo ChineseZodiacSnake_zpsv5x2okqo.jpgSnake Characteristics: Philosophical, organized, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, attentive, decisive.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a yellow cover.
Castaway Cove by JoAnn Ross - Annie/Organized
 photo ChineseZodiacHorse_zpsp7qcj0fg.jpgHorseCharacteristics: Adaptable, loyal, courageous, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, strong.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a black cover.

 photo ChineseZodiacSheep_zpsjtf3rhfm.jpgSheepCharacteristics: Tasteful, crafty, warm, elegant, charming, intuitive, sensitive, calm.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a white cover.

 photo ChineseZodiacMonkey_zpskorew0ri.jpgMonkeyCharacteristics: Quick-witted, charming, lucky, adaptable, bright, versatile, lively, smart.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a purple cover. 

 photo ChineseZodiacRooser_zpsv64m1hpq.jpgRoosterCharacteristics: Honest, energetic, intelligent, flamboyant, flexible, diverse, confident.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a red cover.

 photo ChineseZodiacDog_zpskcfvmgpe.jpgDogCharacteristics: Loyal, sociable, courageous, diligent, steady, lively, adaptable, smart.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics, or a book where a dog plays a large role.

 photo ChineseZodiacBoar_zpslcnpovpo.jpgBoarCharacteristics: Honorable, philanthropic, determined, optimistic, sincere, sociable.
Choose a book with a character who displays any of these characteristics or a book with a grey cover.

The rules: there are almost none! Let us know what signs you're choosing, and what books you're planning...then be sure to come back and tell us how you've enjoyed them! 

March Words

MAR- Kind, Face, Power, City, Blue, Night, To

Here are the key words for  in the 3rd Annual Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge!  You only have to read one book whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month.  These are some of books that are available from my kindle and on Scribd.  My selections will have links to the reviews. 

I read 7 books last month (February).  link


Some Kind of Peace: A Novel by , 

Payment in Kind by 

Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death by 

A Different Kind of Fairy Tale by 


About Face by 

Face of Betrayal by , 

The Man with the Getaway Face: A Parker Novel by 

Face-Off by 



City of Lost Souls by 

Dixie City Jam by 

Shadow City by 

Vamps and the City by 

City of Souls by 


Blue Gold: A novel from the NUMA Files by , 

Blue Bayou by 

Gathering Blue by 

Girl in Hyacinth Blue by 

Forever Blue by 


Last Night at Chateau Marmont: A Novel by 

Tempted All Night by 

'Twas the Night After Christmas by 

Friday Nights: A Novel by 

Charlie All Night by 


True To Form by 

Someone to Love by 

Playing Easy to Get by , 

To Trust a Stranger by 

To Scotland, With Love by